Quality Video Content is now the #1 driver of search rankings online.

If you recently noticed a drop in online traffic from you normally well performing website…welcome to the new search algorithms.

Video content is now so heavily weighted that even a small amount can have a major impact when implemented correctly.

Case Study: Tee Ball league

    1. One of the hardest entities to compete against are municipalities due to their infrastructure, servers, high volume, etc.
    2. We used minimal video content leveraged correctly to boost our client AP3sports.com into prominent online search rankings for “Rock Hill Tee Ball”……Go ahead…search it yourself.
    3. Notice the multiple 1st page results despite being new & search ranking against a local municipality from within the municipality, and large established church tee ball league, as well as nearly tripled the # of enrollees as the local YMCA’s.
    4. Contact us today. Relax…We’ll make you & your business look good. We also know photoshop very well!

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